PED-121 Pedometer


Model Shown: PED-121

    This is a Pedometer which can be connected to a PC using the USB to review your exercise data. The tri-axis sensor technology allows you to carry your pedometer in your pocket or bag with extreme accuracy. The Pedometer memory holds walking data for 60 days. It can automatically reset at midnight each day making it ready to go each morning.








 • Measure the number of steps and distance covered.

 • Clock + stop watch + alarm.

 • Upload your exercise data via USB to PC.

 • Counts the calories burned.

 • Review 60 days of workout data.

 • Can be carried in pocket or bag or worn around neck.






Unit Size


Product Color

Black, pink, light blue

Imprint Size

H. 6 x L.18 mm

Battery Type

Button cell LR2032 x 1pcs

Battery Life

over 6 months