Medical Products Sourcing

Since we are located in China, we can offer our customers and distributors sourcing services. We conduct searches according to specifications and requirements, select suppliers with regards to their product quality, ability to produce on time and volume, assist with shipping and export procedures. At this moment we have built a complete product portfolio for the diabetes market, thus helping our customers with a one-stop purchase for all their related disposables. On the other hand, we also act as agent/representative for our suppliers in different countries.

    We have successfully sourced the following disposable items and devices for our customers in Europe and Asia:
  • - Yankauer Suction Handles
  • - Blood Glucose/Cholesterol Monitor and Strips
  • - 3-parts Syringes
  • - Lab bottles with/without dropper
  • - Evacuated Containers (Vacutainers)
  • - Otoscopes
  • - Pedometers
  • - Ultrasound Probes
  • - Nebulizers
  • - and more to come