Diagnostic Imaging

scanpicUltrasound scanners have become almost commodity devices in clinics and hospitals in the recent years. Its market has been booming and expanding to multiple applications in the diagnostic imaging field. Additionally, ultrasound scanner is particularly suitable for checks in the management of chronic diseases and for screening, because it is risk-free, comfortable for patients and cheaper than other imaging modalities.

We supply a broad range of ultrasound scanners for the medical and veterinary markets, including equipments with color Doppler features. Our scanners are versatile, portables

    We provide the following devices:
  • - First All-In-One Color Doppler Ultrasound scanner and PC.
  • - Portable Electronic Convex Array Scanner.
  • - Laptop scanner.
  • - Handheld scanner.
  • - Splash-proof scanner.

Please refer to the Ultrasound Scanners section of our Product & Services catalog for details.