2012-05-31 : Healthcare Cost Saving With Low Cost Diabetes Disposable Product Line

Shenzhen, May 31st, 2012 - CONTINUUM Healthcare Co. Ltd is pleased to announce its new low priced diabetes disposable product portfolio aimed to cut down the diabetes management cost to a fraction of the original sum. The new line of disposable and one-time use products includes insulin pen needles, insulin syringes, safety lancets, lancets, lancing devices and alcohol swabs for daily diabetes care. All the products are generic and compatible to replace most of all major brands and come in various thicknesses and lengths to suit the needs of end users. They are available under OEM branding or CONTINUUM brand as per customer’s requirements for a reasonable volume ordered.

A Growing Portfolio

The one-time-use sterilized insulin pen needles are made up of ultra fine stainless steel (AISI 304) triple bevel cannulas with a silicon coated thin wall to give maximum amount of comfort to the patients. They come in length from 4 to 12mm and gauges from 33G to 29G with color marked needle protector and are guaranteed latex free to avoid any allergies. They are CE marked, compliant with the EC directives and European Standard EN/ISO11608-2.

The round lancets are made of sterilized stainless steel (AISI 304), one-time-use, coming in different customizable package sizes from plastic pouches of 10 pieces up to boxes of 200 pieces. They are available in gauges from 33G to 23G and fit most of the branded lancing devices. They comply with the EN/ISO11607-2 standard and are CE marked. CONTINUUM also provides CE marked lancing device replacement in different shapes, depth adjustable with or without ejection button and AST cap.

The flat lancets come in 30G and 28G gauges and are an excellent low cost and safe replacement for the existing ones from competitors. Lancing devices for such lancets are also available. Packaging is totally customizable to fit OEM branding.

Although it tends to disappear, the company still offers sterile, non-pyrogenic insulin syringes delivered in PE/blister individual packages that meet the ISO8537 standard and are CE Certified. The syringes are equipped with an ultrafine cannula (gauges from 31G to 29G available) that provides maximum patient comfort. The internal syringe body is built in such a way that there is no dead space left and avoids the waste of insulin.

CONTINUUM additionally supplies sterile antiseptic alcohol swabs, based on saturated isopropyl alcohol at 70% v/v to disinfect the skin area that will either be pricked with a lancet or receive an insulin injection. The pads are CE marked and available in customizable boxes of 100pcs.

To complete its product line, CONTINUUM is currently developing its glucose monitor with optional Bluetooth® transmitter for telemedicine applications.

Lowering Healthcare Expenditure for all

Regardless it is government, insurance or individuals, everybody will benefit from lowering healthcare expenditure, thanks to CONTINUUM’s low cost diabetes care products portfolio. Diabetes is found in every corner of the world. A fast growing population of both developed and underdeveloped nations are suffering from the symptoms of this lifestyle disease. The governments of several developed nations are spending fortunes to provide adequate treatments to their diabetic citizens. A study reveals that 12% of overall health expenditure is spent on diabetes alone. But, with the CONTINUUM’s new line of economical diabetic products the governments can save up lots on expenditure. This would earn them good publicity for saving up on tax payer’s money. Moreover, the insurance companies spending fortunes on providing diabetic healthcare can experience a huge monetary relief by safely substituting the expensive branded products with the offering from CONTINUUM. Similarly, the GPOs (Group Purchasing Organizations) can show their effectiveness to the concerned hospitals by now proposing a lower cost and comprehensive alternative solution of diabetic disposables to their members. CONTINUUM provides health care facilities at the lowest possible rates while maintaining the international standard of quality.

Healthy Promotion and Publicity for Famous Pharmacy Chains

Popular pharmacy chains have built up their reputation as trusted pharmacies catering to huge number of clients distributed across the globe. Now they could go a step further in customer service and build up a complete product line for the fast growing diabetes market. Usually the branded products are high priced and it is difficult to build up an appealing portfolio. But with the help of CONTINUUM, these retailers can build up a complete diabetes disposable portfolio under their own brand or under CONTINUUM’s brand, and increase their profit margin. By promoting low cost healthcare products, the pharmacy chains would play the role of Good Samaritan. This would ensure lowered healthcare expenditures where patients would benefit by engaging in more affordable diabetic management products. A patient that would normally reuse a needle or lancet to save on cost while endangering its safety, could tend to play on a safer side by disposing more regularly of its used consumables. For retailers, the benefit would be a potential increase in sales and good publicity along with an increased customer base.

Compatible, Safe and Reliable

CONTINUUM Healthcare is proud to provide the highest quality products at the lowest rates possible. The diabetes product line is of equal quality if not superior in some cases to branded products and merits to stand against them in terms of eminence and trustworthiness. The products safety, reliability and traceability are backed by the company compliance with ISO13485 and CE standards for medical devices and certified by TUV Rheinland. In fact a patient can easily substitute the branded diabetes products with those of CONTINUUM and experience the same level of well being. In the process he can also save on his/her medical expenses.

CONTINUUM Healthcare Co. Ltd, rather known under AMBISEA Technology Corp., Ltd, its Hong Kong based sister company, is a respected name in the health care industry. It is an ISO13485 Certified company whose main concerns are manufacturing portable medical devices and disposable items for the health care segment. The company’s high quality, low priced products have managed to create a steady stream of loyal customers and on their popular demand it has now launched a new range of high quality disposables meant to help the diabetes patients. CONTINUUM welcomes OEM/ODM inquiries from distributors, wholesalers and retailers worldwide.

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To gain additional information on the products, please visit our website www.continuum.cn or www.ambisea.com, you could also email Mr Stephane Hollande, in charge of Business Development at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call CONTINUUM office +86 755 2647 5192.

Source: AMBISEA Technology Corp., Ltd.