Business Philosophy


Our business philosophy is unique from the others. The health industry is a big percentage in any country’s GDP. That’s a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good for the big companies and their stockholders who benefit from a large sick population and require high payments, or people are let to die.


Philosophy is the study to resolve fundamental problems. Whereas companies have a philosophy to gain the best profits, this is in fact not a philosophy at all, it is a systematic method to gain profit from those who require their products to continue living, and it’s all about money and long term expensive “care”. This statement is true because a company that profits from a sick population is simply not a rational argument and does not contribute for the best in the society we live in; therefore the word philosophy here is inherently invalid.


AMBISEA thinks about how to make people well. We are striving to supply affordable products while not diminishing the importance of quality. We hope to unveil in the near future, exceptional products that will revolutionize the medical field ... but those are still in our lab at this moment.