Fetal Monitor 12.1" Touch Screen



Standard parameters: FHR, FM, TOCO
















 • 12.1” Large-screen Color TFT Display, touch screen.

 • Built-in high capability Lithium-ion battery, working over 2 hours.

 • Recall 120hours fetal monitoring date.

 • The time of Trend graph: 12 hours, 24hours, 48hours, 96hours optional.

 • Recall and storage 400 groups of NIBP.

 • Support patient information Input.

 • Different color of waveform selectable.

 • Various interface selection: standard interface, big font interface, OxyCRG interface, fetal monitoring interface, and fetal cascade interface.

 • Audible and visual alarm.

 • FHR automatic scoring report, output by printer.

 • Manual or Automatic Fetal Movement counting selectable.

 • 112mm wide thermal printer, fit for international standard, fetal wave and parameters can be printed in real time.

 • Optional twins monitoring function.

 • Built-in IP net socket, standard Ethernet network.

 • Wire and wireless net work available, total 128 units of monitor can be set up a central monitoring system.

 • Supplied in standard configuration:

 o 1 x FHR probe, 1 X FM Event Marker, 1 x TOCO probe, 1 x Build-in Battery, 1x built-in printer, 1 x Ground Line.

 • Optional accessories:

 o Nellcor SPO2, IBP, EtCO2, VCG, Special accessories for Neonatal and Pediatric Patient.

 • Packing:

 • Power Plug, earth line, 5 lead ECG cable, Adult NIBP cuff, NIBP cable --- 1 pc, Spo2 sensor, Temp sensor, 3 in 1 Probe (FHR, TOCO, FM), Binding Strap, Transmission Gel, Printer paper - 1 roll, Electrodes - 1 bag, warranty card, packing list, Certificate of compliance, Receiving Report, and Manual.




12.1” Large-screen Color TFT Display, touch screen.

Fetal Heart Rate


-      Working mode

Pulse Doppler ultrasound

-      Ultrasound Frequency


-      Ultrasound output intensity

ISATA 3Mw/cm2

-      FHR accuracy

± 1bpm

-      FHR range

50 ~ 210bpm

-      FHR Alarm setting

adjustable and auto-memory the upper and lower limit.

Fetal Movement:


-      Working mode

Auto or Manual fetal movement mark



-      Working mode

pressure transducer

-      TOCO alarm range

upper limit: 1~ 100%   factory setting: 100%

Upper limit: 0~ 99%   factory setting: 0%

-      Comparative TOCO display

0 ~ 100%

-      TOCO measuring nonlinearity error

± 10

-      Zero OCTO

0,5, 10, 15, 20 optional



 AV-9005A (Multi-Parameters Maternal/Fetal Monitor, TFT)