4-Channel ECG Holter






 • With advanced design and technology, the recorder can work stably, dependable and durable.

 • Be provided with the capability of anti-jamming and shock-pro.

 • Small volume, light weight, low power consuming, convenient to take.

 • Reading and writing can be more faster and memory can be larger by using flash to storage data.

 • Record waveform details inextenso by the design of high precision and sampling frequency.

 Software Features

 • Quick and accurate analysis system.

 • With 4 leads synchro analysis, QRS search can be more exactly.

 • There are more than 10 templates as atrial premature beat module, ventricular premature beat module, long interval module, atrial flutter module, atrial fibrillation module etc. and multiplicate User-defined templates could almost identify every kind of pathologic waveforms.

 • Optional main channel.

 • Agile and exact "Atrial Fibrillation" analysis.

 • The function of pacing analysis could analyze all pacemakers.

 • Many pacine modules have been added.

 • Any period of single lead or 4-leads ECG can be reviewed at any time with the function of fast waveform review and analysis.

 • The types of the analysis system of HR variability include five minutes of short ECG and one hour or 24-hour of long ECG.

 • Print report expediently.

 • Perfect function of case management.

 • With the function of ST segment analysis and general load of the disorder of the heart muscle, the physician can judge a disease or disorder of the heart muscle generally.

 • Advanced original creation of screen waveform antijamming technology is adopted, which makes the screen waveform much more precise, the details of cardiograph much more extrude.

 • It can avoid repeat operations and simple analysis process by adopting "Step by Step".

 • Friendly interface, simple structure, convenient operations.




Number of channels

4 channels

Sampling rate


Sampling accuracy

12 bit

Recording time

24 hours


2 batteries in size 5



Scale voltage


Standard Sensitivity


Noise level




Feathers of low frequency

Time constant>3.2s

Scan speed


Enduring polarization voltage


Least measure signal

50 µV p-p

Product safety type

Type B (Internally powered)